Esthetician Talk: Lexli interviews Sabrina Robinson

Today, we continue our series of interviews with esthetic leaders in order to gain their insights about industry trends, top skin care recommendations, and advice for new estheticians. Whether you’re a professional in the field or a skin care enthusiast, the interviews in this series have useful information for everyone excited about skin care.

Meet Sabrina Robinson.

Sabrina is a licensed esthetician and the owner of Threo Skin, a luxury skin care studio in Pasadena, California with a focus on customizing treatments to individuals’ specific skin care needs. Sabrina’s goal is to make sure every client feels welcomed, relaxed, and cared for while in her studio, with the aim of helping them feel more confident about their skin upon leaving. Sabrina is a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School and received her bachelor’s degree in economics from CSU Eastbay. She is a military wife and a mother of two.

L: How did you get your start in the esthetics industry?

SR: I started off in corporate customer relations at a large makeup company. I was then promoted to sales in the spa division, where I had the chance to meet so many incredible men and women in the spa and skin care industry and connect with them on a business and professional level. Then my husband’s career led us to live in Europe and I focused more on the makeup side of the industry. When we moved back to the US, I reconnected with my skin care colleagues and began working for a French skin care brand and soon realized that I had more of a passion for personally caring for individuals’ skin rather than handling the business side of skin care.

L: What made you decide to open your own business? What was the biggest hurdle you have faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

SR: I decided to open my own business thanks to a suggestion by a trusted colleague. The biggest hurdle I faced was not believing in myself and trusting the wrong people with my business in the beginning. But I quickly learned to put more faith in my skill set and my friends.

L: Given your years of seeing many different skin types, what would you suggest is the key to beautiful skin?

SR: I don’t think there is a “key” to beautiful skin. The idea of beautiful skin is subjective. I always have the goal of obtaining healthy skin and I let my clients choose what is beautiful about their skin and we build from there.

L: From your vantage point, what are the most important innovations or trends in the esthetics industry today?

SR: One of the most important innovations in the esthetics industry is the emphasis on gentler ways to deliver very active ingredients. Products that give you results without being irritating, drying, or skin disruptive. Another popular trend I’ve seen and appreciated is that brands have started manufacturing and featuring chemical peels that can be used on deeper Fitzpatrick skin types.

L: What are your top home care tips to keep skin healthy and looking its best between appointments?

SR: I recommend the regular use of SPF and ice rolling. SPF products protect your skin from the sun while ice rolling controls inflammation. Most of my clients have dealt with adult acne, so these are two things I have them incorporate into their routines.

L: If someone were limited by budget, what is the one professional treatment you would recommend?

SR: In the event of a limited budget, I recommend home care over professional treatments. Getting into a professional skin care routine from a licensed esthetician is paramount to achieving your skin care goals. So, at a minimum, I recommend a consultation.

L: What is your top piece of advice for new estheticians?

SR: Take classes, take all the classes! Take free classes from reputable brands, take non-brand specific classes, educate yourself. Shoot your shot at the esthetician of your choice for mentorship and guidance. Be vocal about your desires and aspirations and focus on what it is you want out of your career.

L: What is an average day like for you?

SR: I start my day at 6:00 AM. Once I arrive at my studio, I see about six to seven clients for varying treatments. At the end of the day when I return home, I create client routines and recaps from the day’s appointments while unwinding with a glass of wine. I’m a wife and mother so I try to spend time with the ones I love and prep the house for when I’m working. It’s a lot but I love it!

L: What is your personal daily skin care routine?

SR: A gentle cleanser, hydrating tonerhydrating serumthick moisturizer, and a chemical SPF.

L: What is something about you that others would find exciting or surprising?

SR: My consistent dedication to my clients’ progress and my innovative methods in the treatment room. I also think people are surprised about how laid back I am. Because I’m booked, busy, and have a certain clientele, people often think that I’m fancier than I am. Really, I’m just a regular girl from Oakland that happens to have a talent and love her clients and their skin.

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